How To Unlock The Alarm

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How To Unlock The Alarm
How To Unlock The Alarm

Video: How To Unlock The Alarm

Video: How To Unlock The Alarm
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What to do in an emergency situation when the car alarm does not respond to the remote control. All methods of self-diagnosis of malfunctions, disabling alarms and interlocks.

how to unlock the alarm
how to unlock the alarm

It is necessary

  • Alarm User Manual
  • Two alarm panels


Step 1

It may happen that there will be no reaction to your attempts to disarm the car with the remote control from the alarm system. The siren will not "croak", the turn signals will not blink and, most importantly, the door locks will not open. There may be several reasons for such a reaction, or rather, its absence:

1. The battery in the remote control is dead or the remote control is faulty

2. Communication interference

3. The battery in the car is empty

4. The alarm unit is faulty

Step 2

It is necessary to search for a malfunction in the system by the method of exclusion from the simple. Start with the keyring. Change the battery in the remote control. If you have a remote control with an LCD display, the battery charge will be clearly visible there and a warning beep will be emitted periodically. If you changed the battery, and the car does not respond to the signal, take a second key fob (there are always two of them in the alarm set) and try to disarm it. If everything worked out, then the first key fob is faulty or it needs to be re-programmed.

Step 3

If both key fobs cannot disarm the car, open the car door with the key, the siren should scream. Locate the Valet button - the alarm off button. The location of this button must be shown to you in the installation center !. Open the instructions for the alarm, the item "Emergency removal of the alarm without a remote control". And according to the instructions, do the manipulations with the ignition and the Valet button. If you did everything correctly, the siren will stop shouting and the alarm will react to the remote control.

Step 4

If, when the ignition is turned on, the lamps on the instrument panel light up weakly or the "battery low" sign is on, the car will not start, the siren is constantly screaming, then the car battery is discharged. To disable the siren, remove the battery clip. If the siren is autonomous, disable it with the key. Remove the battery and charge it, or light it up with wires from another car. As a rule, such a malfunction of the alarm occurs in severe frosts. If you have a weak or old battery, do not arm the car for a long time at low temperatures. After removing the battery, the alarm settings are lost and the remote control will have to be reprogrammed.

Step 5

If all of the above steps did not help, then look for the alarm unit under the torpedo, disconnect all wires from the unit connectors. Try to start the car. If it does not start, then locks are made: ignition, starter or gasoline pump. To turn them off, find the wires that go from the alarm unit to the car's standard wiring harnesses. If the standard wire in the bundle is bitten and wires from the alarm are connected to it, then this is a blockage. Disconnect the alarm wires and connect the ends of the standard wire together. If the lock is made alone and you found it correctly, the car will start.