How To Put Glass VAZ-2107 On A VAZ-2106

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How To Put Glass VAZ-2107 On A VAZ-2106
How To Put Glass VAZ-2107 On A VAZ-2106

Video: How To Put Glass VAZ-2107 On A VAZ-2106

Video: How To Put Glass VAZ-2107 On A VAZ-2106
Video: Переделка окон, на ваз 2106 ставим с ваз 2107! 2023, December

During the tuning of the VAZ 2106 car body, car owners often install the rear (because it is heated) and front side windows from the "seventh" Zhiguli model. The replacement of these parts in the doors of the "six" is made due to the poor quality of narrow glass triangles, popularly called "wind turbines", on which the locking hooks never hold for a long time.

How to put glass VAZ-2107 on a VAZ-2106
How to put glass VAZ-2107 on a VAZ-2106

It is necessary

  • - screwdriver;
  • - nylon cord;
  • - small wrenches.


Step 1

Before installing the heated rear windshield, lay it down on a table covered with a blanket (woolen or fleece). Insert the lock into the sealing gum and apply a thin layer of silicone sealant to the internal cavities.

Step 2

Put an elastic band on the glass and put a nylon cord lubricated with grease into the outer groove so that its ends are brought out in the bottom, in the center.

Step 3

Together with an assistant, insert the glass with an elastic band into the lower groove of the body frame. During this procedure, make sure that it was installed strictly in the center. If necessary, align the glass by tapping with the palms of your hands on its surface to move to one side or the other.

Step 4

From inside the passenger compartment, start pulling the cord out of the seal (while removing it, it turns out the edge of the elastic band, which is put on the edge of the body frame), the assistant at this time from the outside must press the glass down with his hands.

Step 5

With the replacement of side windows in the doors, everything is somewhat more complicated.

Step 6

Remove the lock opening hook, power window handle, armrest, trim and top trim from the door.

Step 7

In the inner cavity of the door, unscrew the screw that secures the glass guide channel and two more on the bracket, which fixes it to the cable of the lifting device.

Step 8

Lower the glass inward and unscrew the screw for the upper fastening of the gutter to the door frame with a screwdriver, after which it is removed from there, and then the glass. Dismantle the triangular glass "windscreen".

Step 9

Insert the side glass from the "seven" into the door of the sixth model and mount the side mirror bracket on it.

Step 10

Lift the glass up until it stops and holding it with one hand, fasten the fixing bracket to the cable of the lifting device by tightening the two screws.

Step 11

Do the same work with the second door, and then install the trims and other accessories on them.