How To Change A Timing Belt For A VAZ

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How To Change A Timing Belt For A VAZ
How To Change A Timing Belt For A VAZ

Video: How To Change A Timing Belt For A VAZ

Video: How To Change A Timing Belt For A VAZ
Video: Как заменить ремень ГРМ ВАЗ Приора. ВАЗ 2112, ВАЗ 2170. replace the timing belt for VAZ Priora. 2023, December

The timing belt (timing belt) is a closed rubber belt with notches on the inside. Its purpose is to synchronize the engine camshaft and camshaft. For a VAZ 2109 car, the resource of such a belt is on average 100 thousand km. If the belt is worn out or damaged, it must be replaced earlier than the specified period.

The process of replacing the timing belt on the VAZ 2109
The process of replacing the timing belt on the VAZ 2109

It is necessary

A VAZ 2108-09 car, a key for 10, a spanner wrench or a head for 19, a spanner or a head for 17, a screwdriver, a portable lamp, a pair of bolts or nails 4 mm thick, in order to tighten a new belt, a new timing belt


Step 1

In order to remove the timing belt without problems, it is necessary to remove everything that can become a hindrance; this will provide maximum freedom for the removal procedure. The air filter is likely to be in the way, probably the steering servo pump and both V-belt pulleys.

Step 2

Dismantling the plastic protection of the timing belt is done by unscrewing the three mounting bolts.

Step 3

After that, the crankshaft must be placed in the position of the top dead center of the piston of the first cylinder. This is done by slowly rotating the crankshaft by the pulley mounting bolt until the mark on the pulley aligns with the pointer on the rear camshaft drive cover.

Step 4

After fixing the shaft with a screwdriver, the crankshaft pulley mounting bolt is unscrewed from scrolling.

Step 5

Before removing the old belt, it is worth noting the direction of its movement and only then loosen and remove. Do not turn the crankshaft with a loose belt pulley.

Step 6

Disconnect the pulley from the crankshaft.

Step 7

To loosen the belt tension, you need to partially unscrew the nuts that secure the tensioner roller and turn it.

Step 8

The timing belt can now be removed.

Step 9

If it becomes necessary to turn the camshaft when the belt is removed, make sure that none of the pistons is located at top dead center. Otherwise, the shaft and pistons could be damaged.

Step 10

Now you can put a new belt on the crankshaft toothed pulley.

Step 11

On the camshaft pulley, the drive branch of the belt is pulled so that it does not sag. The marks on the rear cover and the pulley must match.

Step 12

Then the belt is put on the tensioner roller and the water pump cogwheel.

Step 13

Having put the crankshaft pulley, the bolt with which it is attached is clamped with a torque of 99-110 N • m (9, 9-11, 0 kgf • m).

Step 14

With the roller unrolled, tighten the belt and tighten the nut that secures it. In the absence of a special wrench to tighten the belt, two metal shafts, bolts or nails can be used. They are inserted into the holes of the roller, a screwdriver is fixed between them, with the help of which the roller rotates, thus tightening the belt.

Step 15

If the belt is properly tensioned, it can be rotated 90 ° with two fingers. Having rotated the crankshaft two turns, you need to check the tension again and the coincidence of all marks. Corrections are made if necessary.