How To Change A License Plate

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How To Change A License Plate
How To Change A License Plate

Video: How To Change A License Plate

Video: How To Change A License Plate
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According to the established rules of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the registration of vehicles and their trailers, the number change can be carried out at the traffic police at the place of registration of your vehicle. To change the number, the owner of the vehicle must submit a number of documents to the state authorities, which are provided for by the relevant rules.

How to change a license plate
How to change a license plate

It is necessary

  • - application in the prescribed form;
  • - passport of the car owner;
  • - rights;
  • - registration certificate;
  • - TCP;
  • - CTP policy;
  • - a receipt for payment of the state duty.


Step 1

Come to the traffic police registration department and write an application in the prescribed manner for the issuance of a new number. Be sure to indicate the reason why you want to change the license plate number (damage, loss, etc.).

Step 2

Show the old state number of your car if for some reason it was badly damaged and completely unusable. It is also necessary to present a general civil passport, a driver's license, an OSAGO policy, a PTS, a certificate of state registration of a car and an original receipt of payment of the state duty for issuing a new number.

Step 3

Write a statement about the loss, if you have lost the number due to existing reasons, be sure to indicate the date and place when the number was lost. And if you know, then describe how it happened. Such a statement has a unified form, so the form for it must be taken from the traffic police.

Step 4

In addition to the above documents, you will need to provide a receipt that you have already paid for the future inspection of the car by an authorized traffic police officer. Also, you should definitely drive this car to government agencies to inspect it on the spot.

Step 5

Receive on the appointed day by the inspector new state numbers, which will be issued on the basis of the submitted application. You will not be able to get a duplicate of your old number, you will be issued with completely new numbers.

Step 6

Write an application to change the number for the car, if you have recently purchased it and are registering it, but do not want to leave its previous state number for some reason. If you do not have the opportunity to independently apply to the traffic police to obtain state numbers for the vehicle, then a trusted person can do this for you. But do not forget to certify the power of attorney with a notary in advance.