How To Learn To Feel The Dimensions Of The Car

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How To Learn To Feel The Dimensions Of The Car
How To Learn To Feel The Dimensions Of The Car

It is very difficult to drive a car and carry out various manipulations with it without feeling its dimensions. On the road in a dense stream of cars, you need to rebuild, while not touching anything around you, in the parking lot you need to be able to park without damaging your own bumper.

How to learn to feel the dimensions of the car
How to learn to feel the dimensions of the car


Step 1

Experienced drivers have an intuitive feel for the size of the vehicle. But if you recently got behind the wheel, then naturally you are just beginning to adapt both to active traffic on the road and to your car. For a beginner directly from the passenger compartment, and even without visible identification marks, it is quite difficult to feel the dimensions of the car. Remember that in order to understand where any part of your car ends, you do not have to reach out and look at it at all. A sense of size comes with experience. But there are guidelines that you need to consider if you need to drive in a rather narrow place or park in a confined space.

Step 2

Most inexperienced drivers on the road can be distinguished by their desire to stretch their necks a lot. They tend to see even asphalt in front of the car. They are confident that this will make it much easier to control the distance to another vehicle. However, on the road, you cannot look under the wheels, look only at the perspective. At the same time, keep in mind that there is a bumper that protrudes slightly forward. Observe the distance to the nearest obstacle taking into account the bumper. If you find it difficult to understand where it ends, then try cutting an antenna into its end.

Step 3

When reversing, the car is even harder to feel. On a hatchback, try using the rear brush as a guide. On a sedan, it is better to embed the antenna in the rear bumper. And when parking, try to adjust the rear-view mirrors so that the wheels are reflected in them. This will make it easier to calculate the distance to the obstacle.

Step 4

It is very easy to determine the side dimensions of the car body from the side rear-view mirrors. To do this, just focus on the outermost part of the mirror.

Step 5

If in a dense traffic of cars you need to change lanes, then in this situation it is very important not to hook the car driving behind you. Look in the side mirror. If the car is completely visible in it, then you can not worry and start rebuilding. But if only part of the car is reflected in the mirror, then this means that it has already driven too close to you.