How To Register A Homemade Car

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How To Register A Homemade Car
How To Register A Homemade Car

Video: How To Register A Homemade Car

Video: How To Register A Homemade Car
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Previously, registration of a homemade car was not possible under the laws of the Russian Federation. But thanks to the introduction of new rules regarding the certification of vehicles, as well as their trailers, now motorists have the opportunity to register their homemade products, provided that they were collected strictly in accordance with state standards.

How to register a homemade car
How to register a homemade car

It is necessary

  • - a certificate or document confirming the legal purchase of parts for a car;
  • - certificate of deregistration of an old car (if its body or main parts were used for a homemade car);
  • - step-by-step photos of the collection of homemade cars;
  • - a technical description of a homemade car.


Step 1

Collect the necessary documents that are required to register a homemade car with the traffic police. Each detail must be accompanied by a document confirming the legality of the purchase.

Step 2

If an old car served as the basis for a homemade car, you must present a certificate of deregistration. If the basis was not a numbered unit, then a written statement about its purchase from a certain person or about where you found it (landfill, lake, etc.) will suffice. For a numbered unit purchased directly from your hands, you will need a sales contract, which must be certified by a notary. The traffic police also ask you to present photographs of the car for its identification, as well as its stage-by-stage collection. And don't forget to include a datasheet for your homemade vehicle.

Step 3

Head to the certification body. Your homemade vehicle will be certified as small batch production. The conclusion received from them about the type of home-made vehicle does not have a validity period. The requirements for self-made cars by certification authorities are similar to serial ones. If, during the verification tests, any damage occurs to the car, they will be necessarily replaced by an expert assessment of the design.

Step 4

Bring your homemade car to the mandatory tests. But remember that it is forbidden to deliver it on your own. Therefore, you will need to resort to the help of a truck or trailer. If the self-made car passes all the necessary tests, you will be given a test report.

Step 5

Contact the traffic police at your place of residence to obtain a Title Deed for your homemade car immediately after the completion of the examination and certification, and do not forget to register it.