How To Clean Car Covers

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How To Clean Car Covers
How To Clean Car Covers

Removable car seat covers effectively protect the seat upholstery from dirt. When cleaning the interior, they must be removed and thoroughly shaken out, and the seats themselves must be vacuumed. If the car covers are heavily soiled, you can also clean them at home.

How to clean car covers
How to clean car covers

It is necessary

  • - Carpet cleaner (for example, "Vanish");
  • - foam sponge;
  • - soft brush;
  • - a vacuum cleaner.


Step 1

Remove and shake out the car covers. Prepare the solution according to the instructions for the cleaning agent. Whisk the foam thoroughly and apply it to the surface of the covers, avoiding excessive moisture.

Step 2

Wait until the foam is completely dry and remove the remaining product with a vacuum cleaner. Dry the covers after cleaning with detergent. This cleaning method is also suitable for cases made from natural fur.

Step 3

You can clean natural fur covers in this way. Mix one cup of semolina one cup of starch. Sprinkle this mixture over the fur and beat it out, or vacuum it out. Dry the fur covers, then shake them and lightly comb the fur with a dry brush.

Step 4

To clean heavily soiled areas of natural fur covers, you can use the folk method. Heat the crushed Hercules flakes in a water bath in an enamel bowl to the temperature that your hand can withstand. Brush the dirty meshes with heated flakes, then brush the fur.

Step 5

If car covers are made of flock, clean them with a brush dampened with warm soapy water (up to 40 ° C), and then dry the covers. Remove stubborn dirt with water-based cleaners. Apply soapy water to fresh greasy stains for 2-3 minutes, and then scrub these areas with a sponge or soft brush.

Step 6

Remove lipstick or ballpoint marks on car covers by wiping off dirt with a 10% alcohol solution, then rinse the area with warm water.