How To Update Car Covers

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How To Update Car Covers
How To Update Car Covers

Video: How To Update Car Covers

Video: How To Update Car Covers
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Car covers are a must-have for your car. They not only decorate the interior, but also reliably protect the upholstery from dirt and fading. But after a couple of years, the covers lose their original color. If you don't feel like buying new ones, you can try updating these.

How to update car covers
How to update car covers

It is necessary

Pieces of fabric or leather for applique, tracing paper, braid, scissors, sewing machine


Step 1

The first step is to remove the old covers, shake them out thoroughly and wash them. Observe the wash cycle and temperature. If the covers are made of velor or velvet, then do not set the temperature above 40 degrees. Shake the covers thoroughly after washing and let dry. Look carefully to see if they are damaged. If the seam is slightly open somewhere, carefully stitch it on a typewriter. Then put on the seat covers.

Step 2

If you are not satisfied with their appearance, buy special tank tops for the seat. These can be worn over covers or directly on the upholstery. Special orthopedic undershirts with lumbar support or special capes made of small wooden diamonds or circles look good. They massage the back perfectly.

Step 3

In addition, you can update the covers by stitching appliqués made of fabric with a contrasting color on them. Find the right shade of material that matches the texture of your cases. Draw a pattern on the paper. It can be just a geometric shape, such as a rhombus or an oval. For sports cars, strict lines are more suitable. If a woman is driving, then an application in the form of a maple leaf or a ladybug will look original.

Step 4

Draw on tracing paper and attach to the fabric. Circle and cut neatly. Make the required number of blanks. Usually one goes to the seat, the second to the back. You will need 8 pieces in total. Place on washed covers, pin or baste. Then sew on a typewriter. It is better to make a zigzag seam so as not to tuck the edges, otherwise thickenings will appear in some places, which will create discomfort in the future.

Step 5

If you accidentally burned only one cover on the front seat with ash from a cigarette, then make an application only in this place and symmetrically - on the seat next to it. Do not try to match the fabric tone on tone - the patch will still be noticeable. Better to do it in the form of a small bright spot. Leather pieces in the color of your car will look good.

Step 6

You can also change the covers. Turn them inside out, and if the pattern looks pretty decent from the wrong side, then just make it face up. To do this, choose a wide braid that will blend harmoniously with the main color. Apply it to the seams and hide them carefully. If you have insufficient sewing experience, then first baste the tape on both sides, and then stitch it with a machine.