How To Check Your Vehicle History

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How To Check Your Vehicle History
How To Check Your Vehicle History

Video: How To Check Your Vehicle History

Video: How To Check Your Vehicle History
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Very often, before buying a car, future owners want to know the history of the car. After all, this is the only way to understand whether there have been accidents, whether the car has undergone major repairs and painting. So that later in the process of operation there are no unpleasant surprises, and it is necessary to clarify the history.

How to check your vehicle history
How to check your vehicle history

It is necessary

  • In order to find out the history of the car, you will need:
  • - technical passport;
  • -Insurance Company;
  • -a computer;
  • -the Internet.


Step 1

First, you can use the VIN number to check information on a car. The main thing is to decipher it correctly. Its length must be no more and no less than 17 characters. VIN consists of a combination of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. The only exception applies to the letters I, O, Q - they should not be in the number. Further in order. The first three characters are the manufacturer's code (continent code, manufacturer, vehicle type, respectively). Signs 4 to 9 are a description of the vehicle itself. Namely, the model, body type, engine type and displacement, gearbox type, etc. Signs from 10 to 12, as a rule, tell about the year of manufacture of the car. The last five values are the body number. To find out all the information you are interested in, you need to drive this VIN into the online car databases and find out everything you need.

Step 2

You can also check the history of the car by the state registration number. The traffic police must store data on all incidents that occurred with this vehicle under this number. If, of course, the owner made a statement.

Step 3

For repaints, repairs and replacement of parts, you can consult a proven car service. There, after inspection, they will tell you in detail what kind of work the car was subjected to. For example, paint can be easily detected by the thickness of the paint. It will differ significantly from the general factory one.

Step 4

If the car is young enough, and it had only one owner, and besides, it was bought in the same region where the potential buyer is located, then you can check its history through the dealership. Why through official representatives? Because the new car is under warranty for about three years. And they should be engaged in its repair.

Step 5

You can also get information about the history of an accident of a given car through the servicing insurance company. All cases of handling with an indication of breakdowns and damages of the vehicle must be recorded in their database.