How To Remove The Starter Bushing

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How To Remove The Starter Bushing
How To Remove The Starter Bushing

Video: How To Remove The Starter Bushing

Video: How To Remove The Starter Bushing
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If the starter cranks the engine with difficulty, and the battery is fully charged, the reason for this jam is that the armature touches the stator. The gap between them is a fraction of a millimeter, therefore, even with a slight misalignment of the starter shaft, it leads to a similar malfunction. In addition, this malfunction can also occur when the front bearing is worn. Such damage can be repaired by yourself.

How to remove the starter bushing
How to remove the starter bushing


  • - tap of a suitable size;
  • - drill chuck;
  • - nails;
  • - nut, old bushing and long bolt.


Step 1

Disconnect the battery and starter by removing all wires from their terminals. Unscrew the lower starter bolt. If it is an engine mounting bolt, support the engine by hydraulic jacking it behind the gearbox at the left wheel. Unscrew the rest of the starter mounting bolts and remove it.

Step 2

Hold the tap in the drill chuck and carefully try to screw it into the bushing while cutting the threads. The steel of the tap is brittle in itself and becomes even more brittle in the cold. Therefore, at the slightest misalignment or excessive force, the tap can be broken. If this happens, take a nut or an old bushing with a suitable thread (like a tap) and screw it onto the broken shank. If the tap breaks so that there is no shank left, take a long bolt with the appropriate thread and carve new tap grooves. Or get a new tap.

Step 3

Insert nails of a suitable size into the grooves of the tap so that their tips protrude about 1 cm above the end face. Then insert the resulting structure into the bushing with the broken end of the tap and try to turn out the debris. If the starter bushing has not been changed before, after 2-3 turns of the tap it will be possible to unscrew it with the tap. Try to do this without skewing. If the bushing turns out to be stuck, cut up to 8 turns of the thread on it, remove the tap and screw in a suitable bolt instead. Use this bolt to pull the bushing out.

Step 4

A starter that has withstood several bushing replacements starts to hold it poorly and the bushing can be replaced by hand without using any tools. When operating such a starter, the sleeve begins to rotate in its hole, breaking it. Further, eccentricity is formed in the crankcase bore, which, in turn, leads to misalignment of the shaft and jamming of the starter. Therefore, do not replace the bushing again. Replace starter assembly.