How To Adjust The Clutch On A VAZ

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How To Adjust The Clutch On A VAZ
How To Adjust The Clutch On A VAZ

Video: How To Adjust The Clutch On A VAZ

Video: How To Adjust The Clutch On A VAZ
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There are several types of clutch drive: hydraulic, mechanical and combined. On domestic VAZ cars, only mechanical and hydraulic drives are used. The clutch setting process depends on the type of drive installed.

How to adjust the clutch on a VAZ
How to adjust the clutch on a VAZ


A set of wrenches, a ruler


Step 1

To determine the need for clutch adjustment, measure the distance between the lower and upper points of the clutch pedal travel, which should be between 120–130 mm. During the operation of the car, the friction linings of the clutch disc wear out, along with this, the pedal travel from the top point to the bottom point also increases. The maximum deviation from the norm is 30 mm, that is, the pedal travel should not be more than 160 mm.

Step 2

To directly adjust the clutch, take and place a ruler level with the clutch pedal pad so that one end of the ruler rests perpendicularly on the floor mat. Next, you need to determine the distance from the mat to the top edge of the clutch pedal rubber pad.

Step 3

If the distance is more than 160mm, you need to open the hood and find the clutch cable. It is usually located on the right side of the engine between the wall and the wheel arch.

Step 4

Having found the cable, you need to loosen its fastening by unscrewing the lock nut on one side if you need to tighten it, and on the other - if it is loosened. Rotating the adjusting nut you need, set the clutch pedal so that the full travel from top to bottom is the recommended value of 120 mm. Shade the check nut back.

Step 5

When getting into the car, you need to depress the clutch pedal at least three times. Using a straight edge, re-check the full pedal travel. If necessary, repeat the procedure again until you get the recommended values.

Step 6

To adjust the hydraulic type of the clutch, the distance from the pusher rod of the clutch slave cylinder to the release fork is used. The distance should be approximately 5 mm. You will need to remove the spring attached to the slave cylinder bracket that goes to the fork. This operation will facilitate the adjustment process. Next, unscrew or tighten the adjusting nut located on the cylinder rod so that the free travel of the fork is 5 mm.