How To Adjust The Headlights On A Vaz

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How To Adjust The Headlights On A Vaz
How To Adjust The Headlights On A Vaz

Video: How To Adjust The Headlights On A Vaz

Video: How To Adjust The Headlights On A Vaz
Video: How to Aim and Align your Headlights Correctly 2023, December

The car is equipped with two block headlights, i.e. direction indicator and headlight are made in one housing. The headlamp houses a two-strand halogen lamp for high and low beam and a side light lamp. The relay supplies voltage to the lamp filaments, and fuses protect the electrical circuits of the headlamp unit. Some cars are equipped with a hydrocorrector, thanks to which, depending on the degree of vehicle load, you can change the inclination of the headlight beam.

Block headlight of the car VAZ 2107
Block headlight of the car VAZ 2107

It is necessary

VAZ car, assistant, jack, tools, spare wheel, plywood sheet, chalk, tape measure


Step 1

Adjusting and checking the headlights is on a flat horizontal platform.

Step 2

To check the correctness of the adjustment, you will need a screen, you can use it as: a gate, a light wall of a building, a sheet of plywood (1 m high and 1, 7 - 2 m long), etc.

Step 3

For correct setup, it is necessary that the car is fully fueled, equipped with a spare wheel, tool and jack.

Step 4

The vehicle is positioned perpendicular to the screen so that the distance between the headlights and the screen is 5 m.

Step 5

It is necessary to check the pressure in the tires and, if necessary, bring to normal.

Step 6

An assistant is located in the driver's seat.

Step 7

The driver, holding the wing of the car, must swing it from top to bottom. This is necessary in order for the body to take the desired position relative to the wheels.

Step 8

The following parameters are marked on the screen with chalk: 1 - a line running parallel to the ground, located at a distance equal to the height from the ground to the upper boundary of the headlights; 2 - parallel to the first line. The distance between these lines should be 75 mm. Lines are also marked on the screen, conditionally passing through the middle of the headlight. The lines are located perpendicular to those drawn earlier and are designated A and B, respectively.

Step 9

When measured, the distance between lines A and B should be 936 mm.

Step 10

In cars equipped with a headlight hydro-corrector, its adjuster is set to the first position.

Step 11

One of the headlights must be covered with a piece of cloth or cardboard and the dipped beam must be turned on.

Step 12

An adjusting screw is located on the rear wall of the headlamp unit from the direction of the turn signal. By rotating it, it is necessary to align the horizontal border of the light beam with line 2 on the screen.

Step 13

To align the place of the bend of the light beam with the vertical line of the center of the headlight (lines A and B, for the left and right headlights, respectively), you need to rotate the second adjusting screw located in the upper opposite corner of the headlamp housing.

Step 14

The second headlight is adjusted in the same way.