How To Make Bows For A Car

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How To Make Bows For A Car
How To Make Bows For A Car

Video: How To Make Bows For A Car

Video: How To Make Bows For A Car
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The tradition of decorating a wedding cortege with ribbons and bows originated in Europe. In ancient times, the bride was accompanied to church by a group of boys with so-called non-Christian bows on their sleeves, which, according to legend, were considered a guarantee of a happy marriage and a talisman against the intrigues of dark forces.

How to make bows for a car
How to make bows for a car

It is necessary

nylon tapes, a needle and thread, a skein of rubber


Step 1

Today, agencies that provide wedding services are ready to offer the most exquisite decoration of the wedding convoy cars. But if you have good taste, rich imagination and appropriate skills, it is quite possible to decorate the car with your own hands. Bows in this case will be an elegant addition to other wedding car accessories - rings, ribbons, balls and flowers. To make bows, you need nylon ribbons, a needle and thread, a skein of rubber, an iron and a sewing machine.

Step 2

First, cut 10 cm of the tape, fold it in half with the edges facing each other and iron it. Then use a thread and a needle to sew the ribbon down the middle. Make the gathers, sew them tight and the result will be a beautiful bow. Naturally, larger bows will require matching ribbons.

Step 3

The bows should be sewn onto the ribbons at a distance of about 20 cm from the edges, with the expectation that the edges of the ribbon will be attached to the base of the car. Bows on the rear-view mirrors look very elegant. Bows on the handles and side windows of the escort cars will be a great addition to the festive decoration.

Step 4

Radiator grilles are usually decorated with large bows with flowers. It is very important to match the colors correctly. On dark-colored cars, bows of light shades look spectacular due to the play of contrasts. The white color of bows and ribbons gives the whole procession a festive solemnity. In addition to white, soft lilac, red, pistachio, turquoise and other pastel shades are often found at weddings.

Step 5

Here are just a few options for using bows to decorate wedding cars: a large white bow with a red rose in the center on the trunk; bow with white lilies and roses on the hood; a large bow made of golden fabric on the hood of the head car; a similar bow on the hood of the bride's car, etc.