How To Make A Line-in In A Car Radio

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How To Make A Line-in In A Car Radio
How To Make A Line-in In A Car Radio

Video: How To Make A Line-in In A Car Radio

Video: How To Make A Line-in In A Car Radio
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Often, buyers of car radios are faced with such a frustrating circumstance as the lack of a linear input. For some reason, modern manufacturers position the presence of a line input as an additional option, although initially all car radios have this feature. That is why making a line-in is easy.

How to make a line-in in a car radio
How to make a line-in in a car radio

It is necessary

  • - soldering iron;
  • - headphones;
  • - solder;
  • - connectors;
  • - wires.


Step 1

If the car radio is standard, then it may have a built-in AUX input. To connect an AUX - external sound source, find the connection pinout. Find the three contacts on the car radio connector, responsible for the input signal to the left and right channels.

Step 2

To make sure that you disconnected the correct wires, turn on the radio and individually touch each wire with your finger. By increasing the volume, you will hear a characteristic hum in the speakers. Don't worry about being electrocuted: the circuit is low voltage, so your hands are safe.

Step 3

Solder the tulip-type connectors to the wires (this will allow you to subsequently connect different devices to the car radio using adapters) or directly solder the headphone jack.

Step 4

You can make a line input in a slightly different way: open the car radio and find in its circuit all the marks that are responsible for wiring the Line-in input. They are usually labeled as Line GND, Line-R and Line-L. You can check if you have correctly identified the "purpose" of a contact by tapping each contact with your finger.

Step 5

Often on printed circuit boards there are pins provided for line input. Find these pins, solder wires and connectors to them to connect devices using adapters.

Step 6

You can also find the audio inputs directly on the amplifier chip. However, first understand the essence of the work: from the source the signal goes to the amplifier and external outputs. Often all these devices are assembled on one board, but there are also cases when the amplifier is carried out on a separate board.

Step 7

Find capacitors on the diagram of the car radio and solder the wire necessary to connect an external device next to these radio parts. You can check the correctness of the wiring, again, by the testing method, that is, by touching each wire with your finger.