What Happens If You Drive Without Insurance

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What Happens If You Drive Without Insurance
What Happens If You Drive Without Insurance

Video: What Happens If You Drive Without Insurance

Video: What Happens If You Drive Without Insurance
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According to the current legislation, any car must be insured under OSAGO. There is a penalty for driving without an insurance policy, which may vary depending on the circumstances.

What happens if you drive without insurance
What happens if you drive without insurance


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Quite often, there are situations when the driver simply forgets the insurance policy at home. It's good if the traffic police inspector doesn't stop you that day. If you nevertheless "ran into" a traffic police officer, you should not be very upset, explain the situation as it is. The inspector will check you at a special base, and if everything is in order with the insurance, all that threatens you for driving without insurance in this case is a fine of 500 rubles.

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Insurance companies conclude a contract for OSAGO with their clients for a year. However, some drivers, wanting to save money, do not pay for the whole year, but for several months. If the paid period has expired, and the policy itself is still valid, the penalty for OSAGO in this case will also be 500 rubles. However, in this case, the traffic police inspector can also remove state numbers from the car, for the return of which you will have to pay insurance and spend time visiting the traffic police. It is forbidden to operate the car without numbers.

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A similar punishment will be imposed on a driver who is not included in the CMTPL policy, if the policy itself is available. Here, in order to return the registration numbers, you will still have to enter the driver in the insurance policy or make it without restrictions.

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If the car is not insured at all, then the punishment for the driver will be even more severe: a fine for compulsory motor third party liability insurance - 800 rubles and the removal of state numbers. To return them, you will have to issue and present an insurance policy.

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Driving without insurance is a rather serious offense, which threatens the driver not only with a fine, but also with the loss of time to return the license plates. However, this is not the worst thing. It will be much worse for someone who, without an OSAGO policy, gets into an accident. In case of innocence of such a driver, he will restore his car at his own expense. If the would-be driver is found to be the culprit of the accident, he will also have to pay for the repair of someone else's car, damaged by his actions, out of his own pocket. Considering that today OSAGO covers the cost of repairs up to 400 thousand rubles, trying to save on an insurance policy, you can lose dozens of times more.

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In order not to get into the above situations, issue and renew the insurance policy in time, and also check its availability before each trip. Remember also that in order to obtain and extend the insurance, you must have a vehicle inspection coupon in your hands, before the expiration of which there is at least six months left. It is worth taking care of this in advance so that you do not have to drive the car to the inspection point without insurance.