How To Make CASCO Cheaper

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How To Make CASCO Cheaper
How To Make CASCO Cheaper

Video: How To Make CASCO Cheaper

Video: How To Make CASCO Cheaper
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As a rule, the cost of a CASCO agreement directly depends on the cost of the car itself. Therefore, the more expensive your car is, the more expensive its safety will be. Base rates for all vehicles are established by internal company policy. But does this mean that they can no longer be changed? Of course not, you can save a lot and make the CASCO agreement much cheaper.

make CASCO cheaper
make CASCO cheaper

Execution of a CASCO agreement through a credit broker

First of all, it is necessary to take into account that the insurance broker is an independent counterparty to the market, therefore he will be able to provide you with qualified assistance. It makes no sense for him to hide the shortcomings of insurance companies and not negotiate the terms of insurance, so he can objectively provide you with full information on all products and choose the right option.

Secondly, credit brokers can provide a discount that insurance companies are not ready to provide.

Using a franchise under a contract

Deductible - the amount of money within which the insurance company is not responsible in the event of an insured event. Thanks to the franchise, you can save a lot. When establishing a franchise, you do not need to contact a minor damage company and call a traffic police officer to fix the event.

The amount of the deductible can be set as a percentage or expressed as a fixed amount. The client always chooses the option that is more convenient for himself.

Execution of a CASCO 50/50 agreement

Experienced car owners can draw up a contract on preferential terms under the CASCO 50/50 program. Under this program, the car owner pays half the cost of the insurance policy at the time of registration. The second half of the cost of the policy is paid only upon the occurrence of an insured event. If you are a confident driver, then you get the opportunity to hedge and save money.

Unfortunately, the program is intended only for experienced drivers with more than 5 years of driving experience and more than 25 years of age.

Formation of the list of drivers

Don't make unlimited insurance for your convenience. Always register those drivers who will be allowed to drive. It is necessary to take into account that a short experience leads to an increase in the cost of the policy, therefore it is best to enter only experienced drivers.

Vehicle storage location

If you have the opportunity to store your car at night in your personal garage or in a paid parking lot, then you need to agree on these points during registration. As a rule, insurance companies provide additional discounts.

As confirmation, you will need to provide a parking contract or documents for the garage.

Additional opportunities for obtaining a discount

You can become an insurance agent and get the right to conclude contracts. In this case, you will not only study all the nuances of insurance, but also get the right to conclude contracts with a 20-30% discount.

Also, insurance companies are ready to provide a discount if you agree to stick the company's advertising products on your car and not remove them during the entire term of the contract.

Always pay for the contract in a lump sum, as the installment plan significantly affects the rise in the cost of the contract.

And, of course, do not forget that you can always ask for a discount. As an argument, it can be announced that competing companies offer similar conditions, but with a lower insurance premium. Insurance companies in a highly competitive environment are ready to provide discounts and keep a client in the company.