How To Load Maps Into Garmin Navigator

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How To Load Maps Into Garmin Navigator
How To Load Maps Into Garmin Navigator

Video: How To Load Maps Into Garmin Navigator

Video: How To Load Maps Into Garmin Navigator
Video: How to install a new map on a Garmin Device 2023, December

In most cases, maps for Garmin navigators are issued by partner companies. Such maps are available on the Internet. However, locked maps can also be used for loading into the navigator.

How to load maps into the navigator
How to load maps into the navigator

It is necessary

  • - navigator;
  • - personal computer with Internet access;
  • - USB cable.


Step 1

In the Garmin XT software, the maps are located in the same root directory as the license files. Garmin XT software can work with four maps simultaneously: Gmapbmap.img (basemap), Gmapsupp.img (map 1), Gmapsup2.img (map 2), and Gmapprom.img (map 3).

Step 2

To load a locked map, copy it to the Garmin folder (the file extension must be.img), then rename the file to one of the valid names. Then run Garmin Unlock Generator v1.5 and enter the identifier in the upper field, and then select Garmin Mobile XT in the field and click Generate.

Step 3

Enter the FID code at the bottom of the window (this code comes with the card). If you know the PID as well, enter that as well. Then write the generated code (you can see it in the line Your map unlock code) into a text file, which will be assigned the same name as the map, and its resolution should be.unl.

Step 4

Copy the license you prepared for unlocking the map and the map itself to the root folder where the Garmin XT software is installed. Then start Garmin XT and use navigation.

Step 5

To download.exe maps, install the MapSource and GarminUnlocker.exe programs on your PC. Write them down to the same directory. After that, install the map: in most cases, the map is installed by default in the same directory as MapSource.

Step 6

Connect the navigator to a PC and write the map on it. If suddenly, while copying the map from the PC to the navigator, it is found that the map is locked (for example, if you bought it unofficially), then run the command line (cmd command) on the computer and write C: GarminGarminUnlocker.exe all. This program will unlock the card.

Step 7

Start MapSource and select which map to load into your navigator. Find the "Map Tool" in the toolbar and use it to select the part of the map that should be installed in the navigator. Then find the Send to Device tool, select the removable drive and click Send.