How To Increase Engine Power On A Scooter

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How To Increase Engine Power On A Scooter
How To Increase Engine Power On A Scooter

Video: How To Increase Engine Power On A Scooter

Video: How To Increase Engine Power On A Scooter
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Many scooter owners begin to lack standard engine power over time. I want a higher speed, faster acceleration, more reliable and confident movement with heavy loads, on difficult roads and on inclines. It is quite possible to add horses to the scooter engine on your own.

How to increase engine power on a scooter
How to increase engine power on a scooter

It is necessary

tuning kit kits for your scooter model


Step 1

Start by restoring design capacity. The fact is that the factory settings of the motor are made taking into account environmental standards and improved efficiency. Readjust the carburetor - this may be enough for a noticeable increase in power. Replace the air filter with a higher capacity model and the exhaust system with a more efficient one. This will remove obstacles that prevent the engine from developing all the power it is capable of.

Step 2

Search or order a retuned electronic engine control unit (ECU). By removing the electronic speed limiter and changing the ignition timing with this device, the engine will reach its maximum design power. In this case, fuel efficiency will deteriorate and the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases will increase.

Step 3

The next stages of increasing the power will in direct proportion to reduce the resource of the motor. For example, boosted up to 20 hp. a 50 cc engine will have a resource for 1-2 racing sessions. Decide for yourself: do you need such sacrifices.

Step 4

Modify the power supply system. To do this, find a tuning kit for your carburetor with a set of jets, a main metering system sprayer and a metering needle. When installing such a kit, replace or bore the diffuser to a larger diameter. Without increasing the diameter of the diffuser, there will be no increase in power.

Step 5

To increase engine power by more than 40%, replace the entire carburetor. The tuning carburetor already has the required diffuser diameter and nozzle cross-section. Please note that with such a carburetor, fuel consumption will increase by more than one and a half times.

Step 6

On a two-stroke engine, replace the inlet petal valve with the carburetor. To obtain the effect of the tuning petal valve, it is necessary to increase the flow cross-sections of the valve inlet ports. In order not to bore them yourself, replace the petal valve body with a more productive tuning model.

Step 7

When upgrading the carburetor or installing a new one, be sure to replace the air filter. The best option would be a zero resistance sports filter. Their cost is very high in comparison with standard ones, but they are reusable. Rinse them in gasoline and soak them in special oil every 400-600 km.

Step 8

Install a sports exhaust system. A high-quality tuning system should have an exhaust manifold, resonator and muffler. A properly selected and installed system will not only increase power by 10-15%, but also increase the maximum crankshaft speed and shift the power peak towards higher rpm.

Step 9

Put the sports version of the ECU. In doing so, pay attention to its settings. Racing ECUs are generally tuned to maximize performance at high rpm. Such models provide a good advantage on the racetrack, but make it difficult to operate the scooter in urban driving. For everyday use, find a control unit with firmware tuned to low and medium rpm.

Step 10

Expensive ECU models have the ability to change the programs recorded in it. This requires a computer, interface cable, software, and proper skills. If you do not have the knowledge and experience to select a suitable control program, do not try to do it experimentally. Find an ECU with multiple operating modes.

Step 11

ECUs with several control programs preinstalled at the factory have buttons on the unit body that switch programs on the fly. The result of the increase in power will be lower than on programmable models with careful computer selection of the program, but for city driving such a system is quite convenient.