How To Check A Car For An Accident

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How To Check A Car For An Accident
How To Check A Car For An Accident

Video: How To Check A Car For An Accident

Video: How To Check A Car For An Accident
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The high quality of modern car repair and painting makes it much more difficult to establish the fact of a car's participation in a road accident. It is possible to establish whether the car was a participant in an accident by a number of indirect signs. To do this, you need to carefully inspect the body and individual components of the car.

How to check a car for an accident
How to check a car for an accident

It is necessary

a magnet wrapped in a cloth


Step 1

Check the machine for defects and dents. Sit down near one headlight of the car and carefully examine the side, then inspect the other side. When viewed from this position, imperfections in the vehicle's geometry will be better seen. Then check the roof and bonnet.

Step 2

Place a magnet wrapped in a thin cloth on the places that make you suspicious. If the magnet won't hold, there is likely a thick layer of putty in this area. You can also check for putty by tapping on this spot with your knuckles.

Step 3

Inspect all joints of the machine. The standard joint must have the same width along its entire length. Ask the owner to remove the stickers and decals to check for defects underneath. Check the quality of opening and closing doors. If the doors make a different sound when closing, this may be due to problems with the geometry of the body.

Step 4

Inspect the rubber and plastic body parts. If you find on them paint with a color different from the color of the car, then it has been repainted. In addition, check that the color of the individual body elements matches.

Step 5

Feel the bumper attachment points and side members under the hood. Chipped paint and metal formations found in these places will indicate that the car has been "pulled out". No traces of loosening should be visible on the wing mounting bolts. Raise the mat and check for factory welds.

Step 6

Pay attention to the year of manufacture of glasses indicated on a special stamp. Different glasses on a car increase the likelihood of its involvement in an accident.