How Not To Clear A Car

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How Not To Clear A Car
How Not To Clear A Car

Video: How Not To Clear A Car

Video: How Not To Clear A Car
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Buying a car abroad is profitable. However, the main problem faced by motorists is customs clearance of the car. After all, sometimes it is very problematic to do this. And in some cases, the amount of this procedure exceeds the cost of the car itself. Therefore, quite often motorists ask themselves the question of how it is possible not to go through the car customs clearance procedure.

How not to clear a car
How not to clear a car


Step 1

If the car is not cleared by customs, it means that this car is temporarily in the country. So, for example, if the owner is a German citizen, but lives and works in Russia, then when he enters the territory of the Russian Federation, his personal car will not be subject to customs clearance. However, if he is going to sell it to a Russian citizen, then problems may arise. Indeed, according to the laws of the Russian Federation, all cars owned by citizens of Russia must go through customs control.

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It is no secret that the cost of customs clearance is quite high, and it is this that makes up most of the car markup. Foreigners who come to the Russian Federation to live and work do not have to clear the car. However, it will not work to avoid paying import duties for a long time. Indeed, according to the law, the import of such a car is allowed for a period not exceeding a year. After this time, the owner of the car must take it out of the Russian Federation.

Step 3

In addition, during this entire period of time, a foreigner has no right to lend his car to other persons. He is also prohibited from alienating it and rewriting it to another owner without going through the customs clearance procedure.

Step 4

Alternatively, you can avoid a lot of customs clearance, but only if you are a citizen of Belarus, Ukraine and other countries neighboring Russia. The cost of passing customs control in these states is much less. Therefore, you can buy a car abroad, register it in your home country, and then come to Russia without any problems and use your car, which did not go through customs clearance in the Russian Federation.

Step 5

You do not have to clear a car belonging to a foreign organization, but located on the territory of the Russian Federation. True, the period for such a stay is limited to six months.

Step 6

The very same procedure for importing an uncleared vehicle into the territory of the Russian Federation is rather complicated. After all, the customs office signs its permission to use such a machine in Russia for only 2 weeks. Then you will have to travel every time and extend the term of this document.

Step 7

If you are a citizen of Russia and have bought a car for personal use to travel across the territory of the Russian Federation, you need to hurry up with customs clearance. By law, Russians have 10 days to complete all the necessary procedures and register a car.