How To Install A VAZ Engine On A LUAZ

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How To Install A VAZ Engine On A LUAZ
How To Install A VAZ Engine On A LUAZ

Video: How To Install A VAZ Engine On A LUAZ

Video: How To Install A VAZ Engine On A LUAZ
Video: Замена мотора на ЛуАЗ 969М ч.2 2023, December

The Ukrainian SUV LUAZ is good for everyone. High passable, compact, inexpensive to operate. But most of its shortcomings are the result of a low-power engine, designed more for a passenger car than an all-terrain vehicle. There is only one way out - to install a motor from VAZ on LUAZ.

How to install a VAZ engine on a LUAZ
How to install a VAZ engine on a LUAZ

It is necessary

  • - adapter plate;
  • - radiator from Tavria;
  • - electric radiator fan from VAZ-2106;
  • - rubber hose-air duct, section 500 cm2;
  • - expansion tank VAZ-2108;
  • - winch for lifting the engine;
  • - a set of tools.


Step 1

It is easier to install a power unit from the VAZ classics in a LUAZ car. First, they are suitable in design. Second, adapter plates for motor replacement are designed and sold. Thirdly, the set of gear ratios of the LUAZ gearbox is optimally suited to the Zhiguli engines.

Step 2

Purchase an adapter plate to mount the motor. To prevent the overall weight of the vehicle from increasing, choose an aluminum one. You can also download drawings of such a plate and order its manufacture at the factory, if possible.

Step 3

Remove the Zaporozhye motor from LUAZ. Remove additional standard supports from the VAZ engine. Their installation is absolutely useless - the LUAZ supports are structurally designed for large overloads. Also remove the flywheel and clutch basket from the engine. Place it on the adapter plate and assemble it directly on it. Please note that the basic models of adapter plates are designed to use LUAZ studs.

Step 4

Having installed the new engine inside the motorcycle compartment, do not rush to remove the winch lines. In a suspended state, fasten the adapter plate to the clutch housing, secure the engine to the supports. Check the clutch function. Assemble a new Tavria radiator with a VAZ-2106 electric fan. It will have to be installed to the left of the new engine. Otherwise, you will have to lengthen the engine compartment, change the appearance of the car, and spoil its weight distribution.

Step 5

Bring the air from the false radiator grille to the new radiator using a soft rubber air duct. Place the upper branch pipe of the cooling system inside the duct. Screw the drain plug into the lower one and place it in the bumper cavity. Fasten the expansion tank from the VAZ-2108 to the left of the clutch master cylinder, connect its lower branch pipe directly to the pump.

Step 6

Move the hydraulic vacuum brake booster to the right side, and so that road dust and water do not get into it, connect its inlet valve to the engine air filter. Install the engine shroud.

Step 7

Replace the openwork cast-iron crankshaft with a reinforced steel one. For a drive upgraded in this way, use a belt from M-412. When installing a new engine, the standard oil filter will intersect with the steering column. Therefore, replace it with a low Champion F101 with a new fitting. This does not apply to the LUAZ-1302 model - its modified steering gear allows you to mount a filter of any type.

Step 8

The clutch of the VAZ engine can be left as standard. The release bearing of LUAZ is suitable for it, but due to the sharply increased load on it, it will often fail. Solve the problem by installing the Luk clutch. When combining the LUAZ wiring with the wiring of a new motor, replace all worn out wires. Wanting to get the perfect option, replace all the wires with high-quality ones, and seal their connections with special compounds.