How To Connect A Car Radio

How To Connect A Car Radio
How To Connect A Car Radio

Video: How To Connect A Car Radio

Video: How To Connect A Car Radio
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There are single-unit and two-unit radios (1DIN and 2DIN). Europeans offer 1DIN, while Japanese, Koreans and Americans offer 2DIN.

How to connect a car radio
How to connect a car radio

If earlier, in order to connect the car radio, you simply cut the wires from the plug, folded them with the wires of the radio by color and rewound, we advise you to forget this method, still it is very unreliable, and not aesthetically pleasing.

As a standard, there are two plugs: brown - sound outputs for acoustics, and black - power supply of the radio and other options.

Several important factors:

  • Power is best routed through a separate wiring (if not provided) from the battery to the radio or, in extreme cases, from the cigarette lighter.
  • When the radio is powered, two wires are involved, yellow and red. Yellow - these are radio settings, and red - turns off the radio and turns on the ignition. To prevent this from happening at the same time, you need to connect these two wires in parallel. But it is better to put a separate switch on the red wire so that the battery does not suddenly run out.
  • The blue wire powers the active antennas. Power is supplied to the antenna automatically after turning on the radio and vice versa, respectively.

If you have not previously had an audio system, then in order to properly connect the car radio, you need to stretch a wire for speakers with a cross section of 2 mm.

Selecting and installing speakers (acoustics):

The diffuser in the speaker should be made of hard plastic or Kevlar, but the suspension should be soft, for example, a rubberized fabric suspension. It is best to choose such manufacturers: sony, panasonic, pioneer, kenwood.

Where is it better to place the acoustics:

It is better if this will be at the height of the listeners' head, so it is better to install the speakers behind.

How to fix the radio tape recorder in the car:

Included with car radios are frames. They are attached to the car console panel. First, remove the frame from the body of the car radio, install it in the place provided for the radio, and bend the metal petals on the frame so that the frame is securely held in the socket. After that, we insert the connected radio tape recorder into this very place until it clicks.


In order to dismantle the radio tape recorder, you need to unclench the petals and remove the radio tape recorder.

Briefly about the main thing:

If, nevertheless, you cannot do it yourself, then remember that there are service centers that offer this type of service.

Important. Before starting work, be sure to discard the negative terminal of the battery !!!