How To Make A Fairing For A Motorcycle

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How To Make A Fairing For A Motorcycle
How To Make A Fairing For A Motorcycle

Video: How To Make A Fairing For A Motorcycle

Video: How To Make A Fairing For A Motorcycle
Video: Yamaha mio Build series Part 4: custom fairings/plerings 2023, December

The aerodynamic fairing is not only a fashionable motorcycle accessory. It protects the rider from wind and dirt and increases the bike's top speed by reducing air resistance. Self-production of a fairing for a motorcycle will not only reduce financial costs, but also give the motorcycle a special personality to your liking.

How to make a fairing for a motorcycle
How to make a fairing for a motorcycle

It is necessary

  • Styrofoam. Tool for cutting it. PVA glue.
  • Metal pipes for the frame. Welding machine. Fasteners.
  • Fiberglass. Epoxy resin. Fine mesh for reinforcement.


Step 1

First of all, make a foam-shaped blank. Make a blank of a type-setting of several sheets of foam, glued with PVA glue (not "Moment"). Run the blank in a closed state, i.e. without any technological holes (for example, for a headlight).

Step 2

Think over and make a frame for the future fairing. The blank shape will help to think over and precisely adjust the dimensions of the frame to the future fairing. On the frame, provide brackets for attaching to the frame (if the fairing is fixed) or to the front fork (for a movable fairing). Make the frame itself from suitable pipes.

Step 3

After cutting out, try on the blank shape to the motorcycle. If the final shape of the future fairing is satisfactory, smooth the mold surfaces and finish with a putty. Purchase a two-component polyester putty. This type of putty dries quickly and can be easily processed with a file and sandpaper.

Step 4

Before making the fairing itself, apply a paraffin wax dissolved in gasoline to the mold. Saturate the fiberglass in 1: 1 epoxy. Home impregnation technology: put a piece of fiberglass on a sheet of plexiglass or linoleum, apply epoxy on it with a thin layer. Then wait a few minutes. Use thin fiberglass in several layers. Mix epoxy with plasticizer and filler (aluminum powder).

Step 5

Glue the fiberglass onto the blank mold in several layers. Lay the layers without bubbles. After applying a 2mm layer, lay with a fine mesh to reinforce the fairing. Then stick another 2mm layer. The attachment points of the fairing to the frame are additionally reinforced with a mesh.

Step 6

Remove the foam mold after thoroughly drying. Fit the fairing to the frame and sand. Install on the motorcycle. If the work result is satisfactory, remove it for the final adjustment of the appearance and color.