How To Put A Motor On A Bike

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How To Put A Motor On A Bike
How To Put A Motor On A Bike

Video: How To Put A Motor On A Bike

Video: How To Put A Motor On A Bike
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To equip your bike with a motor, it is enough to purchase one of the many motors specially designed for bicycles. The most widespread are engines attached to the frame. Accessibility of installation and reliability of fastening allow you to install the motor at home

How to put a motor on a bike
How to put a motor on a bike

It is necessary

F-50 type engine


Step 1

Start by installing an asterisk. Place two rubber pads on the rear wheel of your bike, one between the spokes and one behind the spokes. Put the sprocket on the hub from the outside of the wheel, and the crescent on the inside. Then tighten them with bolts. Check the clearance on the installed sprocket: it should not exceed 1.5 mm on both sides. To correct the clearance, rotate the wheel and tighten the sprocket where necessary.

Step 2

Note that on the installed sprocket, the bumps and grooves of the teeth should point inward relative to the spokes. This is to prevent the chain from loosening and to maintain the correct distance from the rear wheel to the bike frame.

Step 3

Install the engine according to the drawing. Place the throttle on the right handlebar grip, having previously drilled a 5 mm diameter hole at a distance of 125 mm from the end of the grip. Install the throttle carefully. Install the engine stop switch with the choke and connect one end to the black wire of the engine and the other to the blue wire of the engine. Install the clutch lever on the left handlebar

Step 4

Fasten the gas tank to the upper tube of the frame. Place the fuel filter inside the tank. Attach the ignition coil to the frame next to the engine. Connect the wires to the motor and the switch according to their color coding. A separate wire is designed to connect electricity consumers. As a rule, the headlight of the bicycle is powered from it.

Step 5

Slide the drive chain over the sprockets on the engine and rear wheel. Install the chain tensioner and adjust the chain for its tension. Avoid overtightening the chain. After finishing work, put on the chain guard.

Step 6

Assemble the carburetor before installing it. To do this, remove its cover and lay out all the parts. Place the needle in the center of the caliper, and on the top place a flat washer with a slot so that the slot coincides with the slot in the carburetor caliper. Insert the cable into the chuck, then pass it through the cover and through the spring.

Step 7

Before starting operation, adjust the gap between the spark plug electrodes (0, 4-0, 5 mm), free play of the clutch handle (2-3 mm). Make a mixture of gasoline and fully synthetic oil in a separate can, and then fill it into the tank. Gasoline ratio: use oil equal to 25: 1 at the beginning of operation, and 20: 1 after the first 500 km of run. Never fill the gas tank with different types of gasoline or pure gasoline. Always close the gas cap tightly.