How To Resell Cars

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How To Resell Cars
How To Resell Cars

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Video: How To Resell Cars
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The idea of making money by reselling cars is not new, but even now you can find your place in the secondary market. The number of cars in Russia increases every year, most of which are used. There are several ways to organize your auto business. It all depends on your starting capital.

How to resell cars
How to resell cars


Step 1

If you are officially engaged in the sale of used cars, you must register an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity with the right to engage in trade and procurement activities and repair and maintenance of vehicles. If you have start-up capital, you can open a car dealership that sells used cars. To do this, you need to rent a large indoor or outdoor area. The larger the rented area, the more cars will be presented in the showroom. This means that almost every buyer will be able to find the required model.

Step 2

The most important thing is to find cars in such a large number without large financial costs. How can I do that. You can accept cars for commission. If you are approached by a car owner who wants to sell his car, then you can conclude a safekeeping agreement with him with the possibility of sale. This means that the client puts his car in a car dealership, assigns the amount he wants to receive from the sale. And you give the money to him only after a third party buys the car. In fact, you act as a sales intermediary. And your income is formed from the difference that is obtained at the final cost of the car.

Step 3

It is beneficial for you that the owner of the car sets a value below market value. Then you can wind up the missing difference. If the client assigns the market value of the car, such a car may be delayed at the site due to its price. In order to make it profitable for you to have such a car in the cabin, you can specify in the contract how much each parking lot costs. This amount should not be critical for the owner. If no one has ever bought the car and the owner wants to pick it up, he will have to pay you for the days while the car was in the salon.

Step 4

Before accepting the car, it is necessary to check its legal cleanliness and technical serviceability. For the first, it is necessary to establish cooperation with the regional department of the traffic police. For the second - have a small box with a lift and keep a car mechanic on staff. For an additional fee, you can carry out pre-sale preparation, diagnostics and car wash services. The car from the owner is taken off the register, with OB vehicle, a full set of keys and alarm trinkets.

Step 5

If you don't want to open your own company and don't want to pay for the rent, you can privately resell cars. Of course, this kind of activity is not entirely legal. After all, you, doing such a business, will not pay taxes. "Dealers" buy a car at a price below the market price and resell it. You can sell such cars in the car market or via the Internet. The most important thing here is to comply with legal formalities. When buying a car that has been removed from the register, according to the law, you must register it for yourself in order to make all transactions with it. But it takes a lot of time and requires additional investment. Therefore, you must have established relationships with lawyers or with those people who handle the sale and purchase. This is necessary so that the documents for the next sale are drawn up immediately for the new owner.

Step 6

In all two car resale options, the main issue remains to find cheap cars that are on sale. You can search the Internet on popular sites for posting advertisements for sale. Look for those options that are marked "urgent". In this case, you can bargain. Pay attention to those ads that have been hanging for more than a month. Perhaps the car owner is already tired of waiting for his buyer and is ready to give up in price. You can search for cars directly in the traffic police department, in which cars are removed from the register. You can offer to the person who is removing the vehicle from the register for sale to buy it back on the same day.