How To Check The Pads

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How To Check The Pads
How To Check The Pads

Video: How To Check The Pads

Video: How To Check The Pads
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The main systems that ensure the safety of driving while driving are the steering gear and brakes. The maximum permissible wear of the hinges or brake pads is often the cause of road accidents.

How to check the pads
How to check the pads


  • - wrenches 13 and 17 mm,
  • - jack,
  • - "balloon" key.


Step 1

It is necessary to check the condition of the brake pads during routine maintenance. To fulfill this condition, the car is placed on a level surface or lift.

Step 2

The procedure for checking the technical condition of the front brake pads begins with tightening the parking brake lever and installing wheel chocks under the rear wheels. Next, the front disc fastening nuts are released on the hub, and then, using a jack, the investigated part of the machine is installed on a rigid support.

Step 3

At this stage, the wheel is finally removed from the hub and a visual inspection of the brake pads is carried out. If the thickness of the linings is less than one and a half millimeters, then they are immediately replaced with new ones.

Step 4

To check the rear pads, wheel chocks are installed under the front wheels, and the parking brake lever is lowered all the way down. Then the bolts on the hub are also loosened a couple of turns, and after placing the machine on a rigid support, the disk with the tire is finally dismantled.

Step 5

If a technological hole is provided in the brake drum for visual inspection of the linings, then they are examined through it.

Step 6

In cases where the drum is solid, then two guide pins are unscrewed, which simultaneously serve as a fastener for it, after which the specified part is dismantled, opening up access for measuring the thickness of the friction linings, which should not be thinner than one and a half millimeters. Otherwise, the pads are replaced with new ones.