How To Replace Bulbs In A Chevrolet Aveo

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How To Replace Bulbs In A Chevrolet Aveo
How To Replace Bulbs In A Chevrolet Aveo

Video: How To Replace Bulbs In A Chevrolet Aveo

Video: How To Replace Bulbs In A Chevrolet Aveo
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It is very important to timely replace the burnt out bulbs of the external light devices of the car. The safety of the driver himself and other road users directly depends on this.

How to replace bulbs in a Chevrolet Aveo
How to replace bulbs in a Chevrolet Aveo


Step 1

Before replacing any of the Chevrolet Aveo ambient light bulbs, be sure to disconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 2

To replace the high beam bulb, remove the headlamp cover by pushing in on the two spring clips. Disconnect the connector from the high beam bulb socket. Turn the spring clip, taking its ends out of the hooks on the headlight housing. Remove the lamp.

Step 3

Since halogen bulbs heat up to high temperatures and touch them with your fingers leave marks that could burn them out, wear gloves. If you accidentally touch the flask, wipe it with a cloth dampened with alcohol.

Step 4

Insert the new lamp without touching the bulb with your fingers. Make sure that the tabs on the headlamp housing fit into the holes in the lamp base. Turning the spring clip into place, hook its ends to the hooks on the headlight housing.

Step 5

Connect the block with wires to the lamp holder. Replace the headlamp cover and secure. Replace the low beam lamp in the same way as the high beam lamp is replaced.

Step 6

To replace the side light bulb, press down on the spring clips and remove the headlight cover. Pull out and remove the side light bulb holder from the headlight housing.

Step 7

Remove the burnt out lamp from the socket. With the new lamp installed, replace the socket. Then fix the headlight cover.

Step 8

To replace the front turn signal bulb, turn counterclockwise and remove the socket from the body. Press on the lamp and, also turning it counterclockwise, remove it from the socket. After inserting the new lamp, lock it by turning it clockwise until it stops.

Step 9

Provide access to the rear light bulb when replacing it. To do this, open the tailgate. Then fold back the edge of the upholstery. Press the two plastic clips located on the top of the tail lamp holder until they come out of the mount to the rear lamp housing.

Step 10

Pressing down on the burned-out lamp, turn it counterclockwise and then remove it from the holder. Insert a new lamp into the holder and fix it.

Step 11

Returning all the elements to their places, first insert the lower part of the holder into the body of the lantern, and then the upper part and fix it. Replace the upholstery.