How To Set Up Sound In The Car

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How To Set Up Sound In The Car
How To Set Up Sound In The Car

Video: How To Set Up Sound In The Car

Video: How To Set Up Sound In The Car
Video: How to install an amp and sub in your car | Crutchfield video 2023, December

It is not enough to simply buy and install an audio system in your car, even if it is high quality and expensive. Depending on the installed system, the sound will be of more or less quality, but without tuning it, the sound potential will not be revealed. To make the settings, first find out whether the audio system is played from a radio tape recorder or from separate amplifiers without a processor.

How to set up sound in the car
How to set up sound in the car


Step 1

If the sound comes from an audio system without amplifiers, set it up as follows. Put on the music you like, and set the sound level to the border of the beginning of the noise ("wheezing"). That is, so that at the slightest increase in volume, "wheezing" begins. Begin to slowly pull out the high and low frequencies. Set the upper ones to your liking, and set the lower ones to the maximum, at the border of the beginning of the "break" of the speakers.

Step 2

Adjust the fader and balance of the audio system. To do this, study with the instructions of the adjustment menu. Set the rear components (speakers) only for background sound. The main music should come from the front speakers. A fader is provided to adjust the level of the front and rear speakers. Adjust the components with it so that the sound level of the front ones is 15% higher than the rear ones.

Step 3

If you have component acoustics, adjust the tweeter sound on the crossovers by 2 dB. And in the same way as in step 2, bring the main sound to the front speakers. Use the balance controls when adjusting the right / left speaker sound. And set the balance of the right components by 10-15% more than on the left ones, softening the latter somewhat.

Step 4

If your audio system is equipped with power amplifiers, further adjust the filter settings and amplifier power level. Pre-match the signal level of the radio with the signal level of the amplifier.

Step 5

To do this, reset all settings to zero or factory settings. Turn the amplifier power level to minimum sensitivity. Start increasing the volume of the radio until the sound distortion begins. As soon as they start, lower the level. Get to the amplifier (usually located in the trunk) and gradually increase the power level until the sound is distorted. As soon as they appear, reduce the power.

Step 6

Find high pass and low pass filters on the amplifier. Set the high-pass filter to 80-100 hertz. Low-pass filter - to the level of 70-90 hertz. Experiment with the filter settings to make the sound image more accurate. Then adjust the front / rear and right / left speaker ratios with fader and balance as described above.