How To Check Engine Oil In

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How To Check Engine Oil In
How To Check Engine Oil In

Video: How To Check Engine Oil In

Video: How To Check Engine Oil In
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Motor oil is one of the main fluids used in internal combustion engines. Serves for lubrication of units, engine units, reducing friction, and therefore wear of parts. For a car, the properties and level of the engine oil are extremely important. Low level or poor quality can damage the heart of your car. How can you determine these parameters yourself?

How to check engine oil
How to check engine oil


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Step 1

Open the hood and remove the dipstick, which is located in the area of the pallet on the left or right, depending on the make of your car. Wipe it with a rag and put it back, wait a few seconds before removing it again.

Step 2

Check the oil level at the MIN and MAX marks. If the oil level is below the MAX mark, add oil to the sump. Recheck the engine oil level by lowering the dipstick for a few seconds, and repeat the procedure until the oil level rises to the MAX mark. But do not allow the oil to rise above this mark. Replace the dipstick.

Step 3

Check the oil level every 1000 km. An optimal oil level and lubricant quality improves engine efficiency and fuel economy, reduces premature wear of engine components, prevents sludge and corrosion, and reduces harmful emissions.

Step 4

When checking the oil, pay attention to its color. The faster the oil becomes contaminated, the better, this only means that it successfully fulfills its function of transferring oxidation products from the working elements of the engine to the filter.

Step 5

Carry out regular oil changes in the fall, closer to winter, when there is a risk that the temperature may drop to a critical minus. The use of seasonal oils is also relevant, because summer oil is more liquid and can simply freeze at subzero temperatures.