How To Clean The Idle Sensor

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How To Clean The Idle Sensor
How To Clean The Idle Sensor

Video: How To Clean The Idle Sensor

Video: How To Clean The Idle Sensor
Video: How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly (Clean the IAC) 2023, December

Clogging of the idle speed sensor channel is the reason for the decrease in the free travel of the rod of this sensor. And this, in turn, becomes the cause of unstable idle speed, a slow decrease in speed with a sharp drop in gas, a sharp decrease in speed when the air conditioner is turned on, a slow set of revolutions by the engine. The solution is to clean the idle sensor.

How to clean the idle sensor
How to clean the idle sensor

It is necessary

  • - screwdriver;
  • - wrenches and Torx type;
  • - liquid for cleaning carburetors;
  • - lint-free fabric


Step 1

Carry out the work on a muffled car with a cooled engine. Remove the air line connecting the air filter and throttle cover. To do this, as a rule, unscrew the two clamps. Remove the air duct completely so that it does not interfere with further actions. Disconnect the crankcase ventilation pipe.

Step 2

Remove the throttle cover. Most often, it is also fastened with a clamp, but access to it can be difficult. In addition, its fastening can be done with screws, access to which is also far from free. Prepare several screwdrivers of different lengths in advance. Try removing obstructing parts for easier access.

Step 3

Clean as carefully as possible. Spray carburetor cleaner on the closed throttle. Most aerosol cans with this composition give out a powerful jet and spray the mixture in different directions. Therefore, be careful not to splash foreign parts.

Step 4

Wipe the flap with a lint-free cloth. After that, reapply the compound to the shutter and chamber walls and wipe again. Repeat the operation until you achieve the required cleanliness of the overthrottle space.

Step 5

Open the throttle by slowly turning the throttle. Also clean the opened space using the above method. Proceed even more carefully here - under no circumstances should dirt get into the intake manifold. Make sure that the flap turns smoothly and without jamming, and closes tightly.

Step 6

Disconnect the wire connector from the idle speed sensor. After unscrewing the mounting screws with a wrench, remove the idle speed sensor. Its fasteners usually contain a small rubber o-ring that is easy to lose. With the damper open, plug the air channel opening with a cloth and clean all parts to a shine, not forgetting about the seat of the regulator.

Step 7

Use the same carburetor cleaner to clean the sensor, being careful not to accidentally displace its stem. Finally, wipe the throttle cover and reinstall all removed parts. If, when cleaning the sensor, its stem is displaced, adjust it.