How To Take A VAZ On Credit

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How To Take A VAZ On Credit
How To Take A VAZ On Credit

Video: How To Take A VAZ On Credit

Video: How To Take A VAZ On Credit
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If you decide to buy a VAZ car, but you do not have enough funds for this, you can apply for a loan from a bank. At the same time, it is possible to choose the most optimal credit conditions, depending on whether it is a new car or already with a mileage.

How to take a VAZ on credit
How to take a VAZ on credit

It is necessary

  • - information on bank lending programs;
  • - the car you are going to buy.


Step 1

Decide on the cost of the car and the required amount of money. This is important so that you can understand what amount of the initial payment you can make, since the loyalty of the bank when issuing a loan largely depends on this amount, and the higher the initial payment, the lower the percentage of overpayment will be.

Step 2

Consider also the fact that when the bank issues the required amount, the car you have chosen may not be in the car dealership, but you will need to make an advance payment. It is best in this case to deposit this amount from personal funds, and take a loan when the car is delivered. But you should already have guarantees in order for the bank to approve your application.

Step 3

If you are going to buy a VAZ car not in a car dealership, but already in use, carefully read the lending terms of all banks in your city. This is due to the fact that not all credit institutions are ready to provide money for the purchase of a used car, since if the borrower is insolvent, it will be quite difficult for the bank to sell such a car, which at the time of loan repayment is a pledge to pay off the debt. Therefore, apply only to the financial organization, the terms of cooperation with which will best meet your requirements and capabilities.

Step 4

If you can't get a car loan to buy a used car, take a regular consumer loan. In this case, you will save your personal finances or borrowed funds on the need to purchase a CASCO insurance policy. Also, at any time, if necessary, you can sell the car and at the same time continue to repay the loan, which is impossible when the car is a collateral in the bank.