How To Wipe Paint Off A Car

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How To Wipe Paint Off A Car
How To Wipe Paint Off A Car

Video: How To Wipe Paint Off A Car

Video: How To Wipe Paint Off A Car
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Motorists are often faced with the problem of cleaning paint stains from the surface of the car. At first glance, this is a small problem, but since such a stain spoils the appearance of the car, it must be disposed of in technologically correct ways. In order for the result to be positive, and the appearance of the car has acquired its previous appearance, one should seriously approach the solution of this problem.

How to wipe paint off a car
How to wipe paint off a car


Thinner, water, rag, polish


Step 1

If the paint is fresh, prepare thinner, water, and a rag. Soak a rag liberally in solvent and work the base coat vigorously until the paint has completely eaten into the surface.

Step 2

When choosing a solvent, focus primarily on its strength. Choose medium or strong in quality. A weak one will not work, since it is primarily intended only for wiping off oil stains. A medium-strength thinner will be the best choice for removing paint from a car's paintwork.

Step 3

If the solvent is strong enough, it should be washed off with cold water immediately after application to the varnish. This is done so that too powerful a solvent does not completely corrode the varnish or leave traces on it. If the solvent is medium in strength, let it sit on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing off with water. Apply it a few more times for the desired effect. As a rule, it is enough two or three times to perform such a procedure.

Step 4

Use a polish to remove any remaining traces of paint.

Step 5

If the paint has long eaten into the varnish, there is already little that can be corrected on its own. Trust the professionals. Drive your car to a car workshop and experienced repairmen will return the hood of your car to cleanliness for the necessary payment.

Step 6

And for the future: don't leave your car in the yard overnight. Poured paint on the hood is by no means the worst thing that hooligans can do to your iron horse. Do not leave various paint cans on the top shelves in the garage. There have been many cases when car owners themselves, out of their clumsiness, dropped paint on bumpers, roofs and hoods from the upper garage compartments.